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Prayer, Religious and Spiritual Traditions and Liturgical Year

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October 2009 

Additional Activities

Book Suggestion:
"A Faith Like Mine, a celebration of the world's religions through the eyes of children"
  • DK Publishing
  • For grades 2-6
  • This book offers a surprisingly thorough look at religions of the world. Through beautiful photos interspersed with facts, the reasons for faith in general, and the basic tenets of individual religions are shown with dignity and respect. Celebrations, prayer, traditional foods, etc. are shown.

Praying for Creation: A variety of prayers and suggestions for creating prayer for aspects of Creation.
Supplemental Articles

A Mother's Protection
  • July/August 2011, p 48
  • For grades 7-12
  • Each August in Carthage, Missouri, a gathering of some 70,000 people celebrate Mary. The majority are Vietnamese-Americans. These annual "Marian Days" began in 1977 to honor the Blessed Mother for her help for thousands of Vietnamese boat refugees reach safety a few years earlier. Years later, Mary is still the center of this festival, and it is also a colorful cultural event, and serves as a family reunion. The article also tells of several attendees who are now missioners and the events that led to their decisions to join Maryknoll.

Virgin of the Cloud, Spirituality series
  • January/February 2011, p 54
  • For grades 6-12; For K-5, see Related Activities
  • These reflections on Mary's role as mother to us all introduces readers to a an apparition in Ecuador in 1696. It also speaks of one woman's belief that she was strengthened by Mary at a crucial time in her life recently, and can help students begin to appreciate Mary's love for all peoples. Today, la Virgende la Nube is celebrated in Ecuador, and in the cities of Lima, Chicago and Manhattan.

Living Perpetual Prayer
  • July/August 2011, p 36
  • All grades
  • The choice to live a cloistered life filled with prayer is one most people don't understand. This article helps all readers understand what this choice is, why some people feel called to it and the joy they experience.

Namaste in the Hindu Kingdom, from the Paths to Prayer series
  • July/August 2009, page 34
  • For grades 4-12; see a K-3 version in "Five Minutes with Mission"
  • In this short article, Father Joseph Thaler tells of his 30 years of experiences in Nepal and with those who practice the Hindu religion. He speaks of their tremendous generosity, graciousness and deep spirituality, offering wonderful examples.

Learning from Anawim

  • March 2009, page 34
  • Grades 5-12
  • This short article is both a story and a call to prayer. Father Donald McQuade tells of an experience he had in the Philippines. When a family of subsistence farmers approached him because of the death of their child, he saw their great poverty, lack of resources and humble faith. He calls us to look radically at our own priorities and pray for guidance. Use this story to help students become aware of those with no resources and God's love for these anawim. Then invite your students to pray with you.