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Immigrants' and Refugees' and Migrants' Challenges

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September 2012

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The Good Samaritans of Oaxaca
  • Jul/Aug 2009, page 36
  • For grades 7-12
  • For K-6, see Related Activities for a story based on this article
  • The Center for Migrant Orientation opened in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2003, a result of a joint pastoral letter of Mexican and United States Bishops calling for compassion for migrants. Situations of migrant people vary, as does the assistance offered to them, but compassion and care is similar to the Samaritan and the innkeeper of Luke 10:25-37.

Faith in Action at Hungnam
  • January/February 2011, page 23
  • For grades 5-12
  • Father Patrick H. Cleary was chaplain to the US Army X Corps in Korea during the war there. He played a a huge role in the evacuation of about 100,000 refugees. This is a story of heroism, tremendous faith, vocation, and history.
Neighbors in the field
  • February 2010, p 25
  • For Grades 4-12
  • Migrant workers coming to Buffalo, New York, to harvest apples and other food, have spiritual needs as any group of parishioners. A local group pf volunteers, including Father Ivan Trujillo, join them to celebrate Mass, and to share prayers, pizza, music and laughter. This article helps students appreciate the experience and contribution of migrant workers. It also speaks of the needs of all people, no matter where or what the circumstances, need to pray together.
  • At the time of this article, the migrant workers were harvesting apples. Challenge students to read where their apple come from. Say a prayer for the many people involved in providing them with this fruit.
  • BUFFALO IN MISSION  VIDEO includes scenes from this article. 

A Month at Nu Po

  • October 2009, p 36
  • Grades 5 and up
  • Serge Auguste repeatedly returns to Thailand as a short-term Maryknoll volunteer. In Thailand he teaches English to refugees from Myanmar who hope to emigrate to an English-speaking country. This is a concise explanation of the dilemma these people face and the conditions which they live, giving students a clear picture of what it means to be a refugee. But Mr. Auguste also expresses his joy in being their teacher and his decision to just be with people who may feel forgotten. 
The Ties that Bind
  • October 2008, p. 18
  • Grades 5-12
  • Sister Ngoc Ha Pham speaks of her childhood in Vietnam during the war there, some of her experiences as a refugee, and poverty and danger in El Salvador where she lives now. Readers learn of the varied ways she reaches out to people of all ages as a missioner and nurse. She also talks of her spiritual path that led her to become a missioner and her way of staying focused spiritually. There is much to ponder in this article!