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Heroines, Heroes and Holy People

Supplemental Articles

Martyr for Youth
  • July/August 11, page 26
  • For grades 7-12
  • In 1962, a young Father William C. Kruegler became concerned about an illegal bar that opened next to the church in Montero, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Always taking joy in children of all ages, and helping whenever he could,  he became involved in trying to protect children from the dangers of this bar. For this, the barkeeper shot and killed him. Violence ensued, then great remorse. Today, "Padre Guillermo" is called a "The Martyr for Youth" and stories of his actions are handed down to the next generations. 

Faith in Action at Hungnam
  • January/February 2011, page 23
  • For grades 5-12
  • Father Patrick H. Cleary was chaplain to the US Army X Corps in Korea during the war there. He played a a huge role in the evacuation of about 100,000 refugees. This is a story of heroism, tremendous faith, vocation, and history.

Saint for Our Times

  • July/August 2011, page 52
  • For grades 5-12
  • This brief biography introduces Jesuit Father Alberto Hurtado of Chile, who was declared a saint in 2005. A lawyer, priest, educator, youth counselor, labor promoter, social activist, and writer, he is considered a role model of solidarity.

Tears to Dry

  • March 2009, page 36
  • For grades 7-12
  • On an anniversary of the death of Archbishop Oscar Romero, Salvadorans remember the chaos, terror and grief they experienced when he was assassinated and many others were also martyred. They hope for justice and reconciliation so they can begin to heal