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Students, Young Adults and Social Action

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November 2010

May/June 2010 

Supplementary Articles

Come and See
  • Jan 2010, page 34
  • For grades 5-12
  • After a presentation from Father Robert Jalbert and reading Maryknoll Magazine, several high school students in a Catholic high school in Massachusetts, expressed an interest in a mission trip to Tanzania. For ten months, students, parents, teachers and chaperones prepared in many ways for the trip. This article tells of the students' experiences, and their reflections.
Lessons in Love
  • November/December 2011, page 50
  • For grades K-5
  • This is about the Maryknoll Classroom program. It includes many statements from students sharing what they now understand about mission work and missioners. 

From Magazine to Mission

  • November 2009, page 30
  • For grades 4-12
  • Victoria Iaconis and her fiance attended a Maryknoll Youth Day and got their picture on the cover of Maryknoll  Magazine. This led to a letter asking Victoria, a speech therapist, to spend two weeks in Nicaragua. Using her skills, Victoria helped many people and in turn had a life-changing experience. While she is not a student, her decision to  plunge into a mission situation as a young professional is reflective and challenging and can be inspirational to student
Service is Sleepless in Seattle
  • September 2009, page 24
  • For grades 4-12
  • The Seattle area is home to many mission-minded people and consequently to many projects and opportunities: from high school students doing day care in a migrant camp to a parish successfully battling a parasite in Ghana. Read this for inspiration and then look at your own diocese to see what is happening and where you can get involved. For younger students, the teacher can read just the parts about specific work.

The Delights of Mission 

  • July/August 2009, page 12
  • For grades K-12
  • Lay Missioner Larry Parr is young, but he is already on his second stint in mission. He knew at the age of 15 he would become a missioner. There is something of interest for most age groups in this article (children benefiting from a soup kitchen started by Parr in El Salvador, the communal spirit of the villagers which enhances their lives, a local music group which includes Parr , and considering points of view when reading Scripture). However, Parr's youth may make this article particularly interesting for students in grades 6-12.

Walking with the People

  • October 2010, page 18
  • Sister Julia Shideler is a young missioner, whose decision to enter Maryknoll was sparked by her participation in a cultural exchange program during college. Now in East Timor, her experiences in these first years in mission include understanding a people who have been traumatized by foreign rule, and her "walking" with the people is remarkable in many ways.