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World Words

This is a collection of words and phrases Maryknoll missioners have learned in their work around the world.  In the classroom, this list may enrich vocabulary building, add some new cultural concepts, and spark curiosity about languages. It will also reinforces the idea that we are all part of one family.

For each word or phrase you will usually find origin and the meaning.

Aramaic:  the very poor and powerless people of the world, who have no means of defending themselves against injustice and oppression; they can only put their trust in God's care and protection; connect with Matthew 11:28 and Luke 6:20

ancient Andian: a way of working is together, often expressed simply as, "today for you, tomorrow for me"

Swahili: grandfather

Kiswahili: the little ones

Mapuche:  Creator-Spirit

Swahili?: mercy

Swahili: a greeting meaning welcome

Spanish: in reference to Maryknoll sisters

The name of an indigenous people in Chile: people of the land; this comes from their creation story that they came up out of the earth like the trees and animals that the Gnenechen, the Creator-Spirit, also created.

matumaini katika vijana
Swahili: hope in the youth

mungo yupo
Swahili:  God is here with us; this is used in every day conversation as an exclamation; these two words imply the speaker feels assured of God's presence and a dependence on God

 Hindu greeting: said when doing a reverent gesture of putting both hands together , pressing all the fingers to each other and bowing the head towards another, this shows a person recognizes that  God is in the other person.

Spanish term for godparents or sponsors

ujisikie nyumbani
Swahili: used in Tanzania and Kenya, a greeting meaning feel at home here, you are with family!

Swahili: well-being