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Supplemental Articles

Learning from Anawim
  • March 2009, page 34
  • Grades 5-12
  • This short article is both a story and a call to prayer. Father Donald McQuade tells of an experience he had in the Philippines. When a family of subsistence farmers approached him because of the death of their child, he saw their great poverty, lack of resources and humble faith. He calls us to look radically at our own priorities and pray for guidance. Use this story to help students become aware of those with no resources and God's love for these anawim. Then invite your students to pray with you.

Table of Hope 
  • July/August 2008, page 24
  • For grades K-12
  • The remarkable spiritual journey of a man, Joey A. Velasco, who discovers, at age 38, that God has given him artistic talent. The results of this talent gave Velasco a new connection with Jesus. One of his paintings shown in the article is of Jesus at table with impoverished children