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September 2012

Supplemental Articles

Faith in Action at Hungnam
  • January/February 2011, page 23
  • For grades 5-12
  • Father Patrick H. Cleary was chaplain to the US Army X Corps in Korea during the war there. He played a a huge role in the evacuation of about 100,000 refugees. This is a story of heroism, tremendous faith, vocation, and history.

Sharing God's Life
  • September 2008, page 36
  • For grades 4 and up
  • Father Gerard E. Hammond has participated in many wonderful ways of helping others live their dignity as children of God. Since working in both North and South Korea, he has learned to work as an instrument of God and enjoy God's surprises. This includes a story of unexpected help so a young widow could give birth to and raise her child.