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Discussion Suggestions for "Teaching Love"

Father Sleyman teaches life issues in a school where most students have not experienced the Judeo-Christian perspective. Students growing up with this perspective may not be particularly aware of it. Help students develop a definition of a Judeo-Christian perspective.

  • Challenge students to consider what are their values on life issues.
  • Where do they think they have absorbed these values (culture? family? school?)
  • Using the article, discuss these concepts from both the Japanese and United States perspective: love and harmony, group and individual needs, religious and spiritual thinking.
  • Have some students research the basic tenets of Shintoism and Buddhism and share this with the class. Compare and contrast these with Christianity.

Some bioethics topics to explore:
  • abortion
  • assisted suicide
  • cloning
  • euthanasia
  • genetic engineering 
  • life support
  • stem cell research
  • organ transplant