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Hong Kong

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March 2012

Supplemental Articles

Carrying on the Mission: Hong Kong
  • May/June 2011, page 14
  • For grades 7-12
  • This article opens with information about life in Hong Kong, a prosperous, international financial center where 30% of the 7 million residents live in poverty. However, it is the variety of ministries Maryknollers and others, including Bishop Tong, that can inspire and challenge readers. Look for both past and present work carried out in Hong Kong (e.g. school directors, pastors, researchers, translators, nurses, and social workers).
Supplemental Articles (continued)

Out of Hong Kong
  • May/June 2011, page 26
  • For grades 9-12
  • Hong Kong native Jessica Ho became a Maryknoll Lay Missioner, working in Tanzania. Returning home, she started the Hong Kong Catholic Lay Mission Association. The work of Ho and others in the article challenge readers with questions such as:
What responsibility does Catholic laity have to build a community of faith?
In what ways can mission work be an expression of faith?