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April 2010 

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Fr. Doug Venne, M.M.

Field Afar Trailer

Supplemental Articles

Missioner Tales, Robert McCahill
  • July/August 2011, page 10
  • For all grades; see Five Minutes of Mission for a story version
  • Father McCahill's work with rural families in need of significant medical is accomplished without his owning a cell phone. This short tale helps students consider the advantages of having to share. 

Living Perpetual Prayer
  • July/August 2011, page 36
  • All grades
  • The choice to live a cloistered life filled with prayer is one most people don't understand. This article helps all readers understand what this choice is, why some people feel called to it and the joy they experience. 

Missioner Tales, Doug Venne
  • September 2008, page 11 
  • For all grades; see Five minutes of Mission for a story version
  • Father Doug Venne comments on the resiliency of his neighbors in times of floods from monsoons.

Serve One Another
  • March 2010, page 30
  • For adults
  • A beautiful piece for reflection on Father Doug Venne's life and death.