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Study Guides

December 2012
Based on "Defender of the Poor", Spirituality series

September 2012

May/June 2010
Based on Burning Waters

January 2009 
(K-5) Based on "Expressions of the Divine"Paths to Prayer series


Maryknoll Missioner Kyungsu Son in Peru

Supplemental Articles

"Missioner Tales", by Helen Phillips
  • October 2009, page 7
  • For all grades, for a story version, see Five Minutes of Mission
  • Sister Helen Phillips tells of an incident on the Altiplano of Peru where a disagreement led to anger and hurt feelings. There she witnessed a compassionate and fair reconciliation.

Building the City of God
  • January/February 11, page 48
  • For grades 7-12
  • In an area of great poverty and high unemployment in Peru, Sister Margaret Rose Ibe works with the diocesan Human Dignity Commission. Its purpose, she says, is "to promote the dignity of the human person through the defense of their human rights." They work toward overall human development as a path towards human dignity. Volunteers play an enormous role in educating others about issues of children's and women's rights, ethics, values, labor rights, self-esteem and conflict resolution skills as well as legal assistance, etc. This article can lead to discussions or research on a variety of issues.

Feeling the Earth Beneath His Feet

  • Sept 2010, page 24
  • For grades 7-12
  • Father Thomas Burns' commitment to mission and social justice has led him down a harrowing path at times. When Peru was wracked by violence in the 1980's and 1990's, he survived threats to his safety and later post traumatic stress disorder. His passionate struggles for justice have resulted in great accomplishments. He continues to try "to create a world where people live together as one."

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