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Supplementary Articles

Keeping Mission Intentions Alive

  • July/August 2011, page 28
  • For grades 7-12
  • While is is about how Maryknoll Affiliates in Mexico support each other in their individual work in their community, the information about a young woman who is a leader, and her impressive past experiences in Mission would be the focus for students.   
The Good Samaritans of Oaxaca
  • July/August 2009, page 36
  • For grades 7-12
  • For K-6, see Related Activities for a story based on this article
  • The Center for Migrant Orientation opened in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2003, a result of a joint pastoral letter of Mexican and United States Bishops calling for compassion for migrants. Situations of migrant people vary, as does the assistance offered to them, but compassion and care is similar to the Samaritan and the innkeeper of Luke 10:25-37.