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Supplemental Articles 

Send Me!
  • November 2009, page 24
  • For grades 7 and up
  • This article shows the unfolding of a new mission for an experienced missioner. It also touches on the 36 year civil war in Guatemala, and how that, as well as precious centuries of oppression affect the indigenous Mayan people.

Down from Paradise

  • September 2009, page 12
  • For grades 7-12
  • Former gang members from Honduras work with Father Thomas Goekler to establish a Catholic Worker House in an area of Guatemala City, where "poverty is not an option." Goekler speaks of systemic poverty and they all work to develop situations where people have opportunities to flourish. This offers discussion opportunities on poverty, justice, responsibility, as well as recognizing one's own values and choices

Missioner Tales, Edward Moore
  • March 2009, page 6
  • All ages; see Five Minutes of Mission for a story version
  • Observing an impoverished family at a festival is a learning opportunity.

Missioner Tales
, Bernice Kita 
  • October 2008, page 6-7
  • For all ages
  • A dirt road in the mountains during the rainy seasons tests the bravery and sense of humor of Sister Bernice.