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El Salvador

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December 2010 

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Supplemental Articles

Peace Through Soccer

  • July/August 2011, page  41
  • For all grades
  • Lay Missioner Larry Parr began a soccer program in a small community in El Salvador. It is called  Playing for Peace and its goal is to give kids an alternative to the gang culture in their area. A happy result was that  one of the teams, from one of the poorest parts of El Salvador, got to compete in an international tournament!
Helping Julio
  • January/February 2012, page 28
  • For grades 3-12
  • Julio is an 8-year-old living in an orphanage in El Salvador. Because he has cerebral palsy and needed extra care, he was kept in a ward for children ages birth to two. He couldn't sit up, talk or play with toys. Lay Missioner Nana Tyrolt saw Julio's dignity as a child of God. With lots of love and work, Nan has helped Julio achieve much. Use this article to help students understand human dignity in the light of physical challenges, the importance of skills, compassion and persistence, and how poverty is particularly difficult for those with handicaps.

World Watch
  • March 2010, page 42
  • For grades 7-12
  • This is a call for ecological justice in El Salvador, where attempts to stop detrimental gold mining has led to law suits against this country by a foreign corporation, and violence against activists. Suggestions for action are included.

The Delights of Mission

  • July/August 2009, page 12
  • For grades K-12
  • Lay Missioner Larry Parr is young, but he is already on his second stint in mission. He knew at the age of 15 he would become a missioner. There is something of interest for most age groups in this article (children benefiting from a soup kitchen started by Parr in El Salvador, the communal spirit of the villagers which enhances their lives, a local music group which includes Parr , and considering points of view when reading Scripture). However, Parr's youth may make this article particularly interesting for students in grades 6-12.

Supplemental Articles continued

Missioner Tales, by Deborah Northern, MKLM
  • July/August 2011, page 11
  • All grades, for a story version see Five Minutes with Mission
  • Lay Missioner Deborah Northern tells an amusing tale of children and mischief.

Graduation in El Cedro

  • May/June 2009, page 38
  • For grades K-12
  • Lay Missioners Erick and Margaret Cambier work to offer learning opportunities to children and adults in El Salvador. This article helps readers think about education: how much do you value it if it difficult to get, what would you be willing to undertake to get an education, what might it mean to only finish 9th grade? For younger students, read the article before showing them the photos, then talk about the different challenges of the students in the articles. 

From Massacre to Redemption
  • April 2009, page 36
  • For grades 9-12
  • This article centers around the funeral of the remains of a child killed 27 years earlier during massacre in the civil war in El Salvador. The subject is a painful one, but the story concludes with dignity, forgiveness and redemption. There is much to discuss and process here.  

Tears to Dry

  • March 2009, page 36
  • For grades 7-12
  • On an anniversary of the death of Archbishop Oscar Romero, Salvadorans remember the chaos, terror and grief they experienced when he was assassinated and many others were also martyred. They hope for justice and reconciliation so they can begin to heal

he Ties that Bind

  • October 2008, page 18
  • Grades 5-12
  • Sister Ngoc Ha Pham speaks of her childhood in Vietnam during the war there, some of her experiences as a refugee, and poverty and danger in El Salvador where she lives now. Readers learn of the varied ways she reaches out to people of all ages as a missioner and nurse. She also talks of her spiritual path that led her to become a missioner and her way of staying focused spiritually. There is much to ponder in this article!
Missioner Tales, Kim Nagy
  • September 2008, page 10
  • For all grades
  • How important is accuracy in sports? Not as important as friendship. And neither does accuracy lead to laughter.