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Discussion ideas based on "They Call Me Dona Theresia"

The article, "They Call me Dona Theresia" offers food for thought on several subjects, and can be adapted for different age groups.

  • Look at the photos. What do you see about the place where Sister Theresia works? Find three things that are like your neighborhood and three things that are different.

  • Locate Joao Pessoa, a city on the northeast coast of Brazil. What might the climate be there? Find sources to learn about the climates of Brazil. 

  • How does Sister Theresia describe her work as a missioner?

  • Look over the article and write down the "path" Sister Thersia took from a child in Tanzania to a missioner in Brazil. Ask an adult you knew well to tell you about how he/she got from childhood to where he/she is now. Compare Sister Theresia's path with the adult's. Discuss what you are thinking about your own future path. 

  • How does Sister Theresia start her car? Do you sometimes have to struggle with things, plans, etc. How does that make you feel? How do you think Sister Theresia feels about her troubles with her car?