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Supplemental Articles

"They Call Me Dona Theresia"
  • March 2010, page 12
  • For grades K-12
  • Sister Theresia Ndesoma, from Tanzania, now works in Brazil. She feels loved by God and her definition of mission is to bring God's love to others. 

It Takes a Village

  • December 2008, page 30
  • For grades K-12
  • Deprived of their land and way of life, the Guarani people of Brazil (also in Argentina, Parguay and Uruguay) struggle to keep that culture alive and to create a peaceful community.

Participation Jumps Out!

  • July/August 2008, page 39
  • For grades 4-12
  • When a lay missioner family leaves behind all that is familiar, they discover what the Catholic Social Teaching, "Call to Live as Family and Community" is truly about. Their participation in a close-knit neighborhood in Brazil brings them support and joy.