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Road to Kalebezo, suggestions for using with different age groups

For grades kindergarten-5th:

Draw a picture of what the road to Kalebezo might look like, using these descriptions or create a class story about a fictional trip:

  • Riding the ferry across the Mwanza Gulf where the sun sparkles on the water.
  • On the red-dirt road, getting into a minivan with five people (including the driver) in the front seat; the other seats are full too.
  • Having a "dust-choking, bone-rattling, noggin-knocking" ride.
  • The van "pitches from one side to the other, dodging boulders and mud holes...brushing bushes along the edge of the undulating" road. What is the meaning of of the word "undulate"?

For grades 6-8:

  • While this article is quite involved, the topic of making life choices does offer middle school students an opportunity to begin to think about their own futures. Gearing it for your students' ages and experiences, talk with them about Matty-Cervantes' life choices based on questions listed for grades 9-12. 
  • On the last page of the article, Sister Peg Donovan speaks of the spirituality of the Tanzanians she works with and how this has affected her. She describes the experience of always being closer to both life and death there as compared to a contemporary Western society. Help students reflect on this. 
For grades 9-12:
Lay Missioner Carmen Matty-Cervantes' approach to career building offers great discussion potential:
  • What kinds of degrees does Matty-Cervantes hold? 
  • Name some of the jobs she is doing in Kalebezo.
  • Where else in the world has she worked?
  • In making her life-choices, how do you think gratitude and spirituality play a role?
  • Do you find her choices to typical or unusual, creative, discomforting, challenging, perplexing?
  • What issues will you take into account as you plan for your future? 
  • What beliefs do you hold that will affect your decision-making?