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Activities related to "Teacher Comes Full Circle", discussion or essay suggestions

The article, "Teacher Comes Full Circle" is filled with thought-provoking information. Provided below are questions to help students read the article thoroughly. Choose the topics most appropriate for your students
  • Our Church teaches that all people must have family, education, medical care, shelter, etc. It is their right as children of God. How do Lay Missioner Eileen Charleton and others help children and youth who are orphaned live with dignity? There are at least seven ways.

  • Part of this work is to help students develop leadership skills. How might a young person in Musoma be a leader? What are traits of a good leader? What traits or skills do you have to become good leader? How are leaders needed where you live?
  • Charleton helps students grow in their faith in God. Does someone help you with this? If not, do you know someone who could help? Can you express what you know about God? what you feel about God?
  • Charleton had a tremendously frightening experience. How did she recover from this? What did she learn from it?