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Study Guides
December 2012

Based on "Defender of the Poor" Spirituality series

October 2012

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February 2012 

March 2011

Based on "Of Wind and Water"

December 2009

May 2009

Additional Activities

Activities related to "Road to Kalebezo"
Activities related to "A Place for Tanzanian Youth"
Activities related to "Teacher Comes Full Circle"
Children of the Earth, Tanzania, Disk 2
  • This study guides also includes Egypt

Supplemental Articles

Missioner Tales, by Daniel Ohmann
  • July/August 2011, page 10
  • For grades K-4, see Five Minutes with Mission for story version
  • Father Daniel Ohmann tells of Joseph, a second grader who is smart, spiritual, and very silly.

Exploring Mission
  • November 2010, page 12
  • For grades 7-12
  • Two young adults from the United States who won the "Explore My Mission" contest, tell of their life-changing trip to mission in Tanzania.
Missioner Tales, Debbie Northern
  • September 2009, page 7
  • All ages
  • Lay Missioner Debbie Northern's short story on how sharing a birthday cake can be an experience like the parable of the loaves and fishes.
Missioner Tales, Michael Bassano
  • March 2009, page 7
  • All ages
  • Father Michael Bassano's short story of how song and prayer transcend language.
Teacher Comes Full Circle
  • October 2008, page 32
  • For grades 7 and up
  • A Lay Missioner of 20 years speaks of her work helping youth become leaders and faith-filled, her own Catholicism, fears and blessings. The opening paragraphs recounts a frightening experience from which she was able to recover.
Education Out of Ashes
  • September 2008, page 24
  • For grades 7 and up
  • In the late 1950's, Father James Conard built a thatched-roofed school, which others burned down because of fear of change. By 1990, he had begun a girls' secondary school , which is now one of the top schools in Tanzania. For additional photos on this subject, click here.  
Where Plagues Collide
  • September 2008, page 28
  • For grades 7 and up
  • A short article about a health center (in the same area of "Education Out of Ashes") fighting malaria and AIDS without an on-staff doctor. For
    additional photos on this subject, also see: http://www.maryknollafrica.org/EduConard.htm
A Place for Tanzanian Youth
  • September 2008, page 30
  • For grades kindergarten and up
  • A photo story of a drop-in center for children in Musoma started 30 years ago by Sister Mary Moriarty. Great images of children in a setting low on technology but high on fun and learning.
"Road to Kalebezo"
  • July/August 2008, page 34
  • For grades K-12, with differing approaches
  • This speaks of the experiences, varied work and wisdom of two women of two generations. Offers a variety of topics to explore.