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Sudan and South Sudan

Sudan and South Sudan are now two separate countries. However, they are listed together because this collection of articles helps describe the process of the separation.
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February 2010 

December 2008

Supplemental Articles

WORLD WATCH: Catholic Peacebuilding in Sudan
  • March/April 2012, page 56
  • For grades 7 and up
  • Using institutional, theological and spiritual resources of the Catholic Church, peace workers bring together youthful warriors to engage in sports and peace activities, and to participate in development processes in their various communities. A good way to begin learning about the Sudanese Catholic Church  working with other Catholic communities for justice and peace.
Building Peace in South Sudan
  • March/April 2012, page 34
  • For grades 6-12
  • Explores the innovative ways that Sister Janice McLaughlin and her workshop participants use to creating peace in a new nation emerging from war. This was part of Solidarity with South Sudan, an international inter-congregational initiative launched in 2008 at the request o the Sudan Bishops Conference.
Supplemental Articles (continued)

In Darfur Genocide Continues

  • December 2008, page 20
  • For grades 7 and up
  • This article is a good starting point for research on the conditions of Sudanese refugees from 2008 to the present; it also puts a face on the refugee experience through the story of a man who was a teacher and widowed father of nine, who speaks of a loss of dignity and options. 

"Yes, I'm Back"

  • December 2008, page 19
  • For grades 7 and up
  • This brief article gives a concise picture of the recent past of the Nuba Mountains region of Sudan and how the citizens are rebuilding their lives.