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Calendar of Mission Work

For grades 3-6
In "Saving the Rains of Africa," we learn of Father John Lange's many activities in Kenya.
Below is a list of some of his work. Imagine this is your schedule and use the calendar to plan your month. As you do this, reflect on what each activity would be like, what you would say, see and feel.
  • Say Mass Monday-Saturday at the compound
  • Say Masses at the shanty towns every Sunday
  • Check on the Mua Hills school water project
  • Check on Sagana Maganjo water project

  • Plan on how to get the money for next quarter for 60 students
  • Go to Nairobi to visit in Mukuru Ruben to pray with and anoint those who are sick
  • Check on the people there who need medical vouchers
  • Pay the clinics