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Activities based on "Saving the Rains of Africa" Math in Mission

Activities based on "Saving the Rains of Africa": The Math in Mission

For grades 3-6

Many missioners’ work involves paying for projects that will bring a better life and dignity to people who live in great poverty. Here are three examples of ways Father John Lange uses money to help others:
  • Constructing a water system so girls and teachers in a school  in rural Kenya have safe drinking water all year round.
  • Paying school fees so young people can afford to get an education
  • Making it possible for very poor people who are sick or injured to go to clinics for help
This takes a great deal of money. The money is donated by many generous people who know about the work the missioners do and believe it is what God asks of us.

Use the information to understand how much is “a great deal” of money. 

Father Lange helps about 60 students (elementary school, high school and college) to afford to go to school

Needed per quarter: $37,000 .

1 school year = 4 quarters

How much money will he need for a school year?

                                    37,000 x 4= ____________


Medical Fees

Father Lange visits many people who live in tremendous poverty. He helps those who are sick or injured by giving them “vouchers”. At a clinic, they pay with the vouchers. Father Lange then pays the clinic with money.

Number of patients: 70

Amount of money typically spent per month (includes surgeries): $4,500

One year = 12 months

How much money will he need for a year of medical bills for 70 people?

                                    4500 x 12 = _____________



Water Projects

The first water project Father Lange worked on was at Sagana Magnajo in Kenya.

This cost $300,000

The group called Partners in Mission contributed $125,000

Father Lange received the rest of the money from addition generous people. How much did they contribute?

                                    $300,000 – $125,000 = $_____________

Additional ways to view these figures:

The Sagana Magnajo project now brings water to 160 small farms.

It required 10 miles of steel and plastic pipes.

If the pipes are measured in yards, how many yards would be needed?

1760 yards= 1 mile

                                    1760 yards x 10 miles= _____________

Name three ways having water at their farms would improve the life of the 160 families: