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Supplemental Articles

Dwelling in the Kingdom
  • October 2010, page 24 
  • For grades 7-12 
  • This interview with Lay Missioner Coralis Salvador is two-fold: it shows the creative ways she works with families affected by AIDS and the strength and ingenuity of the caregivers of the many orphans, as well as offers Salvador's wisdom on spirituality and mission. 
Good Neighbors in Kisumu 
  • January 2010, page 18
  •  For grades 4 -12. 
  • Though the backdrop for this article is tribal violence,  it is an uplifting story of  friendship, trust, acceptance and helping your neighbor even at a cost to yourself. 
Diary of a Missioner
  • January 2009, page 30
  • For grades Kindergarten-12
  • Based on a diary faithfully kept by Father John J. Lange, this article illustrates life in the Mukuru slums. Grinding poverty and the blessings of compassion and God's love are clearly stated A few paragraphs in this article may be too mature for younger students, but overall, it offers much to all students.Simply read the article aloud, leaving out thsections for which your students are not yet ready. ( Specifically: under "Day One", 4th paragraph about Beatrice; "Day four" has references to seminars for preventing HIV and AIDS, but the rest of this section is especially child-friendly.)
Saving the Rains of Africa*
  • July/August 2008, page 30
  • For grades 4-12
  • This tells of the varied work of Fr. John Lange in both rural and urban Kenya. His main focus is on water availability. The article could lead to discussions on water usage and importance, tremendous poverty in slums, dignity of people and use of money. Note: the sidebar story, "Danger in a Day's Work" describes a violent incident.