Activities based on "Holy Mentor" Grades K-4

Give children a definition of a mentor, such as:

            a person older than you who is your friend, who is a good listener,
            helpful and a good example of the kind of person you want to become.

With the children, look at the photos in “Holy Mentor.” Wonder with them what the people in the photos could be talking about, how the young people might be feeling, etc.


Then choose an activity which best suits your students’ abilities and understanding:


A)    Ask children if there is someone who is their mentor. If they can name someone, have them spend a moment in reflection of what they have learned from this person, or what they would like to learn. Their choices may be concrete, such as learning to build a birdhouse or downhill ski. This is fine. Encourage them to also consider less tangible lessons (e.g. do you see how determined, patient, clever, etc. your mentor is while building a birdhouse?)  Then suggest they write a letter (post mail, e-mail or whatever works best for the student) or create some kind of art to give that person. Suggest this communicates something about what the child appreciates about the mentor, what has been learned, etc.  

B)     For children who are unable to name someone or are young enough that the concept is still unclear, provide magazine photos of adults or young adults and children in what can be seen as a mentoring situation. (Look for photos at, or in old issues of Maryknoll Magazine)  Together create a collage. While doing this, tell them stories of people who mentor you, etc. Don’t forget to use humor. This activity will give children an awareness and openness to whoever may already play this role in their lives.