Activities based on "Table of Hope"

For K-6:
Show students an illustration of the Last Supper. Explain that this is one artist's idea of how it looked the very first time Jesus gave his apostles bread and wine in the way we now call receiving the Eucharist.
Then study the painting of Jesus eating with children by Joey A. Velasco.
  • Who are these children? (very, very poor children the artist had met)
  • What do you think the artist is telling us about Jesus through this painting?
  • If you were at this table, which child would you like to meet?
  • What do you think the children in the painting might be saying to Jesus?
  • If you were there, what might you say to Jesus?

For grades 7-12:

Joey A. Velasco's life path is fascinating. Have students read the article and choose a topic for discussion:

  • Why does Velasco call himself, "only the paintbrush"?
  • What led Velasco to try painting?
  • Could adversity, boredom, or physical restrictions lead to something new and positive in your life? 
  • What people have been supportive of his artistic and spiritual journey?
  • When Velasco first painted, he did not know the children who were models for his painting. What changed for him as he got to know them?