Praying for Creation

Prayer Suggestions

A Daily Thanksgiving of the Onondaga Nation:
Greeting and thanks to the natural world.
Greetings and thanks to each other as people.
To the Earth, mother of all,
Greetings and thanks.
To all the Waters,
Waterfalls and rain, rivers and oceans
Greetings and thanks.
To all the Fish Life,
Greetings and thanks.
To the Grains and Greens,
Beans and Berries
As one we send thanks to Food and Plants.
Medicine Herbs of the world and their keepers
Greetings and Thanks.
To all the Animals and their teachings 
Greetings and thanks.
The Trees for shelter and shade, 
Fruits and beauty, 
Greetings and thanks. 
To all the Birds, large and small, 
Joyful Greetings and thanks. 
And from the four directions, 
The Four Winds. 
Thank you for purifying the air we breathe 
And giving us strength 
The Thunderers, Our grandfathers in the sky, 
We hear your voices. 
Greetings and thanks. 
And now The Sun 
For the light of a new day 
And all the Fires of life. 
Greetings and thanks. 
To Our Teachers from all times, 
Reminding us of how to live in harmony 
Greetings and thanks. 
And for all the Gifts of Creation, 
For All the Love around us 
Greetings and thanks. 
And for that which is forgotten 
We remember. 
We end our words. 
Now our minds are one.

Prayer (and performance) to help others be mindful of water

For Kindergarten-Grade 2
Using the prayer below, an adult announces each phrase while children mime actions to it:

God our Creator gave us water.
(Hold out hands as if catching raindrops.)
We need water to drink.
(Curl hands as if gripping a glass and then drink.)
We use water to grow our food.
(Mime planting seeds, then holding a heavy watering can and water a garden row.)
We need water to cook our food.
(Mime stirring a pot or peeling carrots)
We use water to stay clean.
(Wash hands and face, brush teeth.)
Thank you, God, for water!
(Fold hands and look upward)

Litany based on St Francis’ Canticle of the Creatures 
All say this refrain: We praise You, Lord, for all your creatures!

Leader: We praise You, Lord, for all Your creatures,
especially for Brother Sun, who is beautiful and radiant!
All: We praise You, Lord, for all your creatures!
Leader: For Sister Moon and the stars so lovely. 
All: We praise You, Lord, for all your creatures!
Leader: For Brothers Wind and Air, fair and stormy, all weather's moods and seasons. 
All: We praise You, Lord, for all your creatures!
Leader: For Sister Water, so useful, humble, precious and pure.
All: We praise You, Lord, for all your creatures!
Leader: For Brother Fire, who warms us, and is beautiful, playful, and strong.
All: We praise You, Lord, for all your creatures!
Leader: For all the many kinds of animals, insects and birds.
All: We praise You, Lord, for all your creatures!
Leader: For Sister Earth, who sustains us.
All: We praise You, Lord, for all your creatures!
Leader: We ask you, Lord of all creatures, to give us the wisdom and heart to care for all these gifts.
All: Amen.
Project for Prayers

Solidarity Prayers with those affected by environmental degradation

See Study Guide November 2012 Lower and Upper Grades to learn of the effects of uranium mining on families living in New Mexico and surrounding states, and then pray in solidarity with those families. Send written or illustrated prayers to:

Sr. Rose Marie Cecchini, MM
1710 Elm Circle
Gallup, New Mexico 87301

Thanksgiving for Water:

Here are several types of prayer suggestions on the topic of being thankful for water. Some are best for older students, others for younger. They can be used in a classroom or as a whole school event. Additionally, students may use the ideas to bring a water theme to their families’ Thanksgiving celebrations. 

First, have students think about the importance and preciousness of water by reading the story in the
November 2011 lower grade study guide or the article ""Water, Love and Mission in Tapacari". Then choose from one of these prayer forms:

1) Read several Scriptures about water and choose one to read as a prayer. Some possibilities: 

Psalm 36: 8-10         Psalm 104:1, 5-17

Isaiah 44:3               Isaiah 55: 1, 10 

2) With students, brainstorm many words pertaining to water and have them write a poem using some of the the words. Consider:

thirsty       rain        shower
splash      seeds    spring    
river          drink      wet     
snow         tears     waves
puddles    storm    melting  

3) Teach children the litany prayer form and help them create one for people in the world who do not have access to clean water. 

4) Use the tune of a familiar song but write words about water. 

An example: To the tune of “Michael Row the Boat Ashore”: 

God has given us water, alleluia. 

God has given us this gift, alleluia. 

We have water to cleanse our souls, alleluia. 

Water to keep our bodies strong, alleluia. 

The gift of water feeds our earth, alleluia. 

It nourishes seeds that become our food, alleluia. 

May we use this gift from God, alleluia, 

With mindfulness and gratitude, alleluia. 

Creator God, we thank you, alleluia. 

On this day, and every day, alleluia. 

5) Visual displays: 
Provide students with symbols of the harvest (pumpkins, grapes, corn, etc.), along with a large, clear bowl or pitcher filled with water. Have children create a display for shared prayer or a centerpiece for a meal.